The on-site promotion meeting of the city's beautiful rural construction and the action of "polishing small towns" was held

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  On Dec 19th, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held the on-site promotion meeting of the city's beautiful rural construction and the action of "polishing small towns", which opened a new round of prelude of the city's beautiful rural construction and the action of "polishing small towns". Zhou Zhihong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting and made a speech. Mayor Yu Ke and Guo Shengyuan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, made working arrangements. Zhou Zhihong stressed that we should follow the principle, focus on the key points, respect the objective laws and promote the implementation of work and tasks with a solid work style. 
  City leaders including Yin Jiali, Zheng Zhangjun, Li Shaoyun, Xiao Jun, Xiao Jiabang, Tang Lei, Hu Shuiqing and Guo Jinxiang attended the meeting.
  The meeting was in the form of observation and practice by visiting the construction sites of Xian Taoyuan Rural Complex, Caitan Village, Dengwangnao Village and Small Towns in Huchang town. Zhou Zhihong, Yu Ke and other city leaders have seen and discussed with everyone all the way, commented from time to time that Huchang town has set a benchmark for the whole city.
  During the following conference, Zhou Zhihong made arrangements for the construction of beautiful villages and the action of "polishing small towns". Zhou Zhihong pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), General Secretary Xi Jinping attached great importance to the construction of beautiful rural areas and made important instructions on learning and promoting the experience of "Demonstration and renovation of thousands of villages " project in Zhejiang province for many times. What’s more, he pointed out in the 19th National Congress that the Rural Revitalization became a national strategy and provided a fundamental follow-up for the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in the new era. The regional and industrial development layout of "one core drives, two belts support and three areas cooperation" of the Provincial Party Committee clearly requires that Xiantao build Jianghan Plain revitalization and development demonstration area, national new urbanization and urban-rural integration demonstration area. The whole city should earnestly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discourse on Rural Revitalization,implement the central government's decision and deployment and the requirements of the provincial party committee and provincial government, carry out the "two maintenance" with practical actions and ensure the construction of beautiful villages and "polishing small towns" move forward continuously.
  Zhou Zhihong pointed out that it is the requirement of materialistic dialectics to grasp the key points and drive the surface work. The campaign to build beautiful rural areas and "polishing small towns" is aimed at promoting the revitalization of rural areas and the reform of the quality of work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government should take the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in hand, focus on the shortcomings of the heavy industry economy and the light agricultural economy,focus on the key points, highlight the ideological understanding of this root cause, comprehensively promote the implementation of the "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" reform tasks, fully integrate the implementation of project funding policies and fully shoulder the main responsibility for the implementation. We should highlight industrial prosperity fundamental, vigorously promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, adhere to the principle that the characteristic is the advantage and the difference is the competitiveness, suitable for work, agriculture, business and travel as it is so as to play good advantage card, sing good characteristic play. We should vigorously support the development of new types of agricultural businesses and cultivate new types of farmers, vigorously carry out investment, support the development of leading enterprises so that industrial development has always been the top priority and fundamental support. We need to vigorously promote the integration of three industries to achieve the benign interaction and common development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries; vigorously encourage multiple towns to have one industry and one town to have one industry to magnify the effect of scale and improve economic performance. We need to vigorously implement policy regulation and control, continue to carry out on-site training, and practically achieve "four look, four don't look", look at the increment instead of the stock, look at the overall instead of the part, look at the characteristics instead of the common and look at the effect instead of the data. We should adhere to the principle of saving and intensive land use, strictly control the land indicators, develop the enclave economy, reform the financial and tax sharing system, and mobilize the enthusiasm of villages and towns. We should focus on the key of supporting infrastructure, make up for the shortcomings of transportation, electricity, water conservancy and education, medical treatment, pension and health, and effectively solve the problems of supply demand of one old and one small and imbalance between urban and rural areas. We should highlight the mechanism of co-construction, co- governance and sharing, adhere to the effective integration of government's purpose and market, adhere to the integration of the main body of the masses and social participation, carry forward the pioneering spirit of the masses, run the participation of farmers through the whole process and all links of planning, construction, governance and operation, resolutely prevent cadres from sweating and the masses from squatting, and create a strong atmosphere of co construction and sharing of the whole society.
  Zhou Zhihong stressed that we should respect facts and laws, be full of passion for the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", respect the laws of economy, nature and society, make overall plans and coordination, adhere to the principle of planning first, adjust measures to local conditions and do more practical work for the masses. 
  Zhou Zhihong stressed that the construction of beautiful rural areas, "polishing small towns" action task is heavy, difficult and must be guaranteed by a good style of work. The party members and cadres at all levels should have the courage to take on responsibilities, be good at doing things, make sure that the portraits are accurate, work is practical and accounts are hard. We should refrain formalism and bureaucracy, never be false, fancy, flashy,harass the people and waste money. We should promote the implementation of work and tasks with a solid work style so as to enhance the sense of happiness and security of the masses. 
  Yu Ke pointed out in his speech that we should recognize the situation and deepen the new understanding of Rural Revitalization. We should focus on the key points, strengthen new advantages in rural revitalization, take the construction of beautiful villages and the action of "polishing small towns" as the first tough battle, make every effort to build beautiful villages, strengthen the guidance of rural planning, vigorously improve the rural environment and speed up the construction of rural infrastructure. We should spare no effort to polish the small towns, with cleanliness as the first, green as the bottom, brightness as the rhyme, order as the key, and beauty as the soul. We will make every effort to build characteristic cities and towns on the basis of "one town and one industry", develop "multiple towns and one industry" through the combination of towns and cities, form industrial cluster effect and brand effect, and enhance the influence and brand power of characteristic industries in the whole province and even the whole country. We need to make high-quality agricultural development the core of our efforts, strengthen the characteristics, strengthen the main body and promote integration. We need to make the decisive battle against poverty the most difficult task and achieve the goal of high-quality poverty alleviation. We should take deepening rural reform as the fundamental driving force, continue to emancipate our minds, highlight the key points of reform, and keep the bottom line of reform. We should take the innovation of rural governance as a strong guarantee, and do a good job in the article of "Leading by Party construction", "legalizing people" and "three governance integration". We should pay close attention to the implementation, improve our political position, strengthen reform and innovation, improve our work style and strive to write a new chapter in the development of Xiantao's "Agriculture, rural areas and farmers " cause.
  The meeting also arranged the work of "looking back" of the whole city's rural toilet revolution, the confirmation and registration of the land contract and management and issued the Examination method of observation and practice of beautiful rural construction in Xiantao City and the action of "polishing small towns" .
  Leaders of Huchang Town, Caitan Village of Huchang Town, Aldi Organic Ecological Park, Municipal Water Conservancy and Lake Bureau and Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment  made speeches at the meeting. 
  Main principals of all departments directly under the municipal government and each town office park attended the meeting. (Reporter Chen Guoli and Photographer Hu Xiaowen) 

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