Yu Ke presided over the coordination meeting of difficulties in industrial projects of the whole city

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  On Dec 16th, Mayor Yu Ke presided over the coordination meeting of difficulties in industrial projects of the whole city. He stressed that we should further strengthen the service consciousness, meet the needs actively, make every effort to solve the problems for the development of enterprises and create a good environment and strong atmosphere for the high-quality development of industrial economy of Xiantao.
  At the meeting, the Municipal Bureau of economy and information reported the overall situation of the difficulties of industrial enterprises in the city, some township offices reported the project construction in their respective areas and put forward the practical problems that need to be solved in the operation and development of enterprises. Yu Ke listened carefully, recorded earnestly, interrupted and commented from time to time, asked each functional department to claim the responsibility on the spot by checking the list of problems and made clear the time limit of processing. 
  Yu Ke pointed out that development is the first priority and project is the first support. All departments at all levels should firmly establish the concept of project as the king, further strengthen the good atmosphere of "serve enterprise is to serve development, serve enterprise is to serve people's livelihood", spare no effort to support and serve enterprises and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of Xiantao.
  Yu Ke stressed that it is necessary to strengthen dispatching, clarify responsibilities, check the list, claim quickly and handle within a time limit. We need to deal with it efficiently, adhere to the principle of "special affairs first, urgent affairs quickly, and easy affairs in time", help enterprises solve practical problems and interpret practical work style with practical actions. We should be active to provide services, ask for needs from door to door, start from the actual needs of the enterprise, work with the enterprise to study the problems in development, solve the difficulties in development and focus on promoting the sustainable and steady development of the enterprise. 
  City leaders Yan Qifang, Tang Lei and Yan Zhichao, Hu Junbo, member of the Party group of the city government and Director of the office of the city government, attended the meeting.(Reporter Li Bing and Hu Chunbo, Photographer Sheng Huihui)

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