Zhou Zhihong: Build the high-tech Zone into the important support for high-quality development and take more powerful measures to ensure the "a good start" of next year

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  On Nov 27th, Zhou Zhihong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, while in the study on the planning and management system of the high-tech zone and listening to the industrial economy and project construction plan of the first quarter of next year, stressed that it is necessary to further implement the layout requirements of "one core drives, two belts support and three zones coordinate" of the Provincial Party Committee,  build the high-tech zone into an important support for high-quality development with greater determination, plan investment attraction and project construction with more powerful measures and ensure "a good start" of next year.
  Mayor Yu Ke, city leaders Yan Qifang, Yu Wenhua, Zheng Zhangjun and Tang Lei studied together. 
  The municipal leaders listened to the report of the Municipal Bureau of natural resources and planning on the plans of Xiantao high-tech Zone, studied the management system and mechanism of the high-tech Zone and discussed the work plan of attracting investment and "getting off to a good start" of the industrial economy in the first quarter of next year. The relevant departments directly under the municipal government and the main principals of the relevant town offices have put forward suggestions on the planning and program and also accepted the tasks. 
  Zhou Zhihong pointed out that the spatial layout of Xiantao development should be optimized. We should take the opportunity of implementing the layout of "one core drives, two belts support and three zones coordinate" of the Provincial Party Committee, accelerate the platform construction of Xiantao high-tech Zone and promote the high-quality economic and social development of the whole city. In accordance with the national high-tech zone standards, we should anchor the "roadmap" and "assignment" and improve the relevant planning within the specified time. We should shoulder our responsibilities, seize the day and night, pay close attention to connect with each other, strive for funds and projects and seek support from all sides. We need to stimulate market vitality, give full play to the role of the market in resource allocation, raise construction funds, strengthen infrastructure supporting construction and create a new pattern of a virtuous cycle of platform construction and economic development. We should adhere to the principle of economical and intensive use of land, concentrate projects in high-tech zones and industrial towns and develop enclave economy. We need to further emancipate our minds, innovate ways and methods, straighten out the system and mechanism of high-tech zones, deepen the reform of "simplify administration, delegate power, combine management and optimize service", create a stable, fair and transparent business environment and build synergy for high-quality development. 
  Zhou Zhihong stressed that we should plan for next year's industrial economy in a pragmatic way. We need to grasp the trend of macro-economy, seize the opportunity of national policy, carry out the whole chain investment attraction around the leading industries and high-tech enterprises to make a number of enterprises with high investment intensity, high technology content, good economic benefits and strong industrial relevance settle in Xiantao, enhance the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, speed up the development of emerging industries, maintain the sustainable and stable development trend of economy and ensure the "good start" next year, red each month and all year round.
  Yu Ke pointed out that it is necessary to speed up the platform construction of the high-tech zone, promote investment attraction with heavy assets, introduce high-tech enterprises and develop industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, biological medicine, new materials, trade logistics and so on. Based on the current situation and the long-term perspective, we should take advantage of the favorable opportunities before and after the Spring Festival to visit and negotiate with many parties so as to set off a new upsurge of project signing and commencement and constantly strengthen the development potential. (Reporter Chen Guoli and photographer Hu Liang) 

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