Municipal Government held the 26th executive meeting of 2019

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  On Nov 23rd, Mayor Yu Ke presided over the 26th executive meeting of the municipal government in 2019 to convey to learn the spirit of the teleconference of winter and spring irrigation and water conservancy infrastructure construction, review the plan of Xiantao public medical institutions canceling medical consumables markup and adjusting medical service price, the work plan of Xiantao enterprise financial credit information service platform construction and deliberated on some investment promotion projects, etc.
  The meeting emphasized that the spirit of the National Conference should be put into practice, detailed into specific work and the basic construction of farmland and water conservancy in our city this winter and next spring should be arranged quickly. We should strengthen supervision and accelerate the construction of high-standard farmland, focus on making up and strengthening for weaknesses and vigorously carry out the construction of farmland and water conservancy infrastructure, make steady progress in adjusting the structure of the agricultural industry, actively strive for and plan a number of projects and promote the development of high-quality agriculture, vigorously push forward safe drinking water projects in rural areas to address key and difficult problems in poverty alleviation and strictly implement the river lake system, improve the long-term management and protection mechanism to ensure that the inspection, management and protection of rivers and lakes are fully covered and normalized so as to  improve and restore the water ecological environment continuously.
  It was pointed out at the meeting that the cancellation of medical consumables markup and the adjustment of medical service price in public medical institutions of our city are of great significance to promote the reform of public medical institutions and the "three medical linkage", lower the price of medical consumables and reduce the burden of people's medical treatment. It is necessary to adjust and implement it quickly, strengthen supervision at the same time and ensure the implementation of the policy of benefiting the people. 
  The meeting pointed out that to build the enterprise financial credit information service platform with high starting point and high standard, the government, bank and enterprise information can be fully connected, which is also the practical need of optimizing business environment. We need to speed up platform building, improve the operation and maintenance capacity and strengthen the application of achievements. We should make sure that more information is available and enterprises do not need to make more errands. We should provide "No.1 guarantee" for promoting high-quality economic development with a good business environment. 
  It was emphasized at the meeting that the project construction should be promoted in accordance with the law and regulations. The contract text should be standardized and the contents of the agreement should be specified. We should administrate according to law, improve the procedures and ensure that the project construction is in accordance with the procedures, legal compliance and leave no "sequelae". We should strictly check and raise the threshold, attract more large, good and high-tech projects in line with industrial development. Plant construction should be standardized to ensure reasonable layout, intensive and efficient, and eliminate the construction of villas in the factory.
  City leaders Yan Qifang, Yu Wenhua, Li Shaoyun, Zeng Weixin, Tang Lei and Yan Zhichao, Hu Junbo, member of the Party group of the city government and Director of the office of the city government, and Xu Guochuang, member of the Party group of the city government attended the meeting. 
  Other matters were also heard and deliberated at the meeting. ( Reporter Lihui and Photographer Hu Xiaowen) 


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