The Promotion Meeting of Letters and Visits to Maintain Stability and Safety in Production to "Ensure Military World Games” Was Held

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  On the morning of Oct 9th, Zhou Zhihong, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, stressed at the promotion meeting of letters and visits to maintain stability and work safety in the city's "ensuring Military World Games" that we should take a highly responsible attitude towards the party and the people, strengthen the sense of responsibility, pay close attention to the implementation of work, ensure the sustainable safety and stability of the city's social situation to create a good environment for the successful holding of the seventh World Military Games and undertake the responsibility of Xiantao people. 
  Yu Ke, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, attended the meeting and made a speech. Guo Shengyuan, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting. City leaders, including Yin Jiali, Zheng Zhangjun, Li Shaoyun and Shi Wei, attended the meeting. Li Shaoyun and Shi Wei made working arrangements.
  Zhou Zhihong pointed out in her speech that we should stand high and have a clear mind. There are many big events and happy events this year. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have been always taken maintaining stability as the primary political task. The overall situation of the city is stable and the security and stability maintenance of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China has been well completed. All departments should maintain political acumen, enhance the sense of urgency, responsibility and mission to prevent and defuse risks, keep the bottom line of "six nonoccurrence" work, and win the crucial battle of "ensuring the security and stability of the Military World Games".
  Zhou Zhihong pointed out that we should work hard and be active. The work of letters and visits to maintain stability and safety in production involves all aspects. We must make real efforts and take effective measures with a firm determination and extraordinary measures to make every work more detailed and practical. In order to maintain the stability of letters and visits, we should pay attention to the early and the small. We need to investigate conflicts, deal with them according to law and strengthen source control. Safety production should be on guard strictly to achieve seamless investigation, all-round supervision and zero tolerance rectification. The Internet public opinion should be disposed quickly and the leadership in the field of ideology should be firmly grasped.
  Zhou Zhihong stressed that measures should be hard and discipline should be strict. The "Military Games" will be held soon. All departments must take tight and strict measures to ensure the smooth flow of responsibilities and information, never touch the bottom line of discipline, and maintain the "main position" of regional stability.
  Zhou Zhihong emphasized that we should plan as a whole and do our best to strive for development. Development is the first priority. We must clearly put development at the top of our agenda, and give top priority to recruiting large enterprises to attract strong ones and support the excellent and the strong. We need to make overall plans, complete the annual targets and tasks in an all-round way and plan ahead for next year's work. The departments directly under the municipal government should take thoroughly the policies, take the initiative to connect, stand at the height of the whole city, and actively strive for projects, funds and development. According to the strategic plan for rural revitalization of the central and provincial Party Committees, township offices should focus on the key points and make up for the shortcomings, develop characteristic industries, form distinctive characteristics and benefit the masses. We should carry out the theme education of "never forgetting the original mind and keeping our mission in mind". We should integrate Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics into all work and run the word "reform" to the whole process of theme education. The municipal departments should take the creation of a national civilized city as the main starting point of thematic education. Local governments should adhere to the problem orientation, respond to the concerns of the masses and improve people's wellbeing.
  Yu Ke pointed out that it is necessary to establish the awareness that safety and stability are the first responsibility of the current work, carry out in-depth investigation and resolution of contradictions and hidden dangers and work safety, fully implement all arrangements for stability maintenance work, vigorously promote the "one hundred days to overcome difficulties" of stability maintenance through letters and visits, implement the responsibility system of leader package solution, strengthen scheduling and coordination, and correctly handle the relationship between the stability and development, put the achievements of development and stability into the improvement of people's well-being, so that the masses have more sense of happiness and security. 
  At the meeting, the Municipal Political and Legal Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Letters and Visits, and the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau informed the relevant work. Main principals of municipal departments and township offices attended the meeting. ( Reporter Chen Guoli and Photographer Hu Liang) 

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