Our City Held the Concentrated Start-up and Signing Activity of Key Projects in the Third Quarter

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  The fragrance of osmanthus filled in the air in the golden autumn and the achievements of "one hundred days to overcome difficulties" are fruitful. On Sep 16th, our city held the activities of centralized start-up and signing of key investment promotion projects in the third quarter of 2019, showing the achievements of "one hundred days' to overcome difficulties" of investment promotion and project construction in the city, and beating the drums for the goal of "red all year round". 21 projects started successively and 30 projects with a total investment of 5.279 billion yuan were signed centrally.
  Hu Jiuming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the centralized start-up and signing ceremony of the project. Yu Ke, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, delivered a speech at the ceremony. City leaders, Yan Qifang, Yu Wenhua, Zheng Zhangjun, Ding Keqin and Guo Jinxiang, attended the above activities and laid the foundation for the project or witnessed the signing of the project.
  At about 9 a.m., the biological industry park of GrandPharma in Long Huashan Street hunted with colorful flags and loud gongs and drums. The Kernel biological fermentation project under GrandPharma was successfully established here. As one of the important member enterprises of GrandPharma, Kernel Bio-tech Co., Ltd. will invest 300 million yuan to build an efficient and pollution-free agricultural biological fermentation project, becoming the first enterprise to enter the biological industry park of GrandPharma. In the later stage, Wuhan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. under GrandPharma Co., Ltd. will soon settle in the park. After all the projects in the industrial park are completed, the annual output value and tax revenue can reach 1.5 billion yuan and 145 million yuan respectively.
  In his speech, Yu Ke pointed out that the smooth start-up of the Kernel project marks  the new project construction of GrandPharma in Xiantao will be carried out in an all-round way, which means that the cooperative development of GrandPharma and Xiantao will reach a new level and will certainly play a positive role and make an important contribution to the high-quality development of Xiantao Biomedical industry. We sincerely wish Kernel Bio-tech a prosperous development in Xiantao, and also sincerely invite more companies under GrandPharm to shake hands with Xiantao and start up in Xiantao.
  At about 10 a.m., the opening ceremony of Tonghui Medical Technology Industrial Park in Xiantao Industrial Park was also jubilant. For Li Qiqing, chairman of Xianming Medical Technology Co., Ltd., who has had a deep friendship with Xiantao for 19 years, this is bound to be an unforgettable day. As the initiator and important investor of Tonghui Medical Technology Industrial Park, Li Qiqing solemnly promised in his commencement speech that we will adhere to the management idea of safety as the basis, quality as the survival, talent as the achievement, technology as the development and management as the benefit, build a first-class industrial park with advanced domestic and provincial benchmarks, and grow together with Xiantao, a beautiful city.
  According to the work plan of "one hundred days to overcome difficulties" of the project construction of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, in addition to GrandPharma Kernel project and Tonghui Medical industrial park project, there are 21 projects in our city, including Jiangsu Yuguan, Futeng Precision, LiCo Chuanglian, Hubei Baiyetong New Materials, Super Food and so on, which will be started successively in the third quarter, adding strong support for the high-quality development of Xiantao.
  Yu Ke said in his speech that at present, the whole city is carrying out the theme education of "never forget the original mind and remember the mission". We should combine the theme education with the action of "one hundred days' hard work" of project construction, and test the effect with the actual results of project construction. All departments around the country should take the project construction as the main battlefield of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind", focus on the specific goal of "cultivating career and dare to take on", take the project construction as the number one starting point, take the optimization of environment as the number one guarantee, create the first-class environment for the project construction, provide the first-class service, practically solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction process to ensure the project put into operation and achieve effect as soon as possible.
  After the completion of the centralized start-up ceremony of the project, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a centralized signing ceremony for key investment projects in the third quarter of 2019 in Fairyland International Hotel. 30 projects have been settled in each township office and industrial park, with a total investment of 5.279 billion yuan, covering mechanical electronics, food processing, non-woven fabric, bio-medicine, textile and clothing, new energy and new materials, cultural tourism, modern logistics and other fields.
  Yu Ke pointed out that development is the most important principle and projects are the most important support. The centralized signing of these key projects will play an important role in speeding up the industrial agglomeration, upgrading the industrial level, promoting the city's economy to further expand the total amount, optimize the stock and improve the quality, and accelerating the high-quality development of watery countryside and garden City.
  Yu Ke said that the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government will always bear in mind the original mission, adhere to the service concept of "the reasonable demand of the enterprise is the work pursuit of the government, the healthy growth of the enterprise is the sustainable growth of Xiantao", make every effort to care about and support the project construction, escort the enterprise with the best service, the best conditions and the best environment , solve problems and strive to serve customers as "waiter" and the "intimate person" of caring for enterprises, promote the early start, early production and early benefit of the project, so as to make merchants feel relieved to invest in Xiantao, comfortable to start a business and handle affairs and live a happy life. At the same time, we sincerely hope that the settled enterprises and entrepreneurs will abide by the commitment of cooperation, firm their investment confidence, devote themselves to innovation and development, fulfill their social responsibilities, deepen practical cooperation with Xiantao, seize development opportunities, accelerate the construction of signed projects, put them into production and achieve results, so that the enterprises can take root in Xiantao, blossom and bear fruit, grow bigger and stronger, and the government and enterprises can work together to create a better tomorrow.
  Yu Wenhua, member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of the Municipal Government, presided over the centralized commencement and signing ceremony of the project. Hu Junbo, member of the Party Group of the Municipal Government and Director of the Municipal Government Office, and the main person in charge of the relevant departments directly under the Municipal Government and the township office and industrial park attended the above activities. ( Reporter Chen Li and Photographer Hu Liang)


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