Yu Ke's Special Research on the Construction Plan of the Intercity Railway Station Between Wuhan and Xiantao

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  On Sep 9th, during the special research of the construction plan of the intercity railway station between Wuhan and Xiantao, Mayor Yu Ke required that we should adhere to people-oriented, pay attention to humanized design, constantly optimize and improve the functional layout and better meet the travel needs of the people.
  The intercity railway between Wuhan and Xiantao is the fifth intercity railway after Wu Xian, Wu Huang, Wu Gang and Han Xiao in our province. It connects Dafu Village to urban area of Xiantao City from Han Yi line, sharing the same 71 km with Hanyi line, 16.69 km to be built and 200 km / h to be designed. In the future, it will extend to Changde, Hunan Province, forming a channel from Wuhan to the Southwest, which is an important part of Wuhan hub "M Type" high-speed railway. The total construction area of Xiantao station building is 12000 square meters. The architectural modeling is based on the idea of "A great hawk spreads its wings and Xiantao develops rapidly". The supporting facilities include station square, coach station and various vehicle parking lots, with a total investment of 902 million yuan. 
  At the symposium, the relevant person, in charge of China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co.,Ltd, reported the detailed design scheme of the intercity railway station building from Wuhan to Xiantao. Participants discussed with the designer about the square in front of the station and the traffic system, and put forward specific suggestions on further optimization and improvement.
  Yu Ke pointed out that the construction project of Xiantao station building is a major strategic project of intercity railway project from Wuhan to Xiantao , and also an important window to show the image of Xiantao. We should adhere to the people-centered development idea, adhere to people-oriented, further improve the details, pay attention to human-oriented design and let the masses have a better travel experience; We should further optimize the layout of functions, make scientific and reasonable use of space, and provide all convenient service facilities to better meet people's travel needs.
  Yan Qifang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, presided over the meeting. Xiao Jiabang, deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Xu Xincheng, deputy Mayor and Hu Junbo, member of the Party group of the Municipal Government and Director of the Municipal Government Office attended the meeting. ( Reporter Li Hui and Photographer Sheng Huihui) 

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