Promotion Meeting of "Hundred Days' Hard Work" to Optimize Business Environment in the City Was Held

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  On August 21st, the promotion meeting of "Hundred Days' Hard Work" to optimize the business environment was held. Mayor Yu Ke attended the meeting and made a speech. He stressed that we should provide first-class service with first-class standards, create first-class performance with first-class service, and strive to transform the achievements of the "Hundred Days' Hard Work" action into the sense of gain of enterprises and the masses, so that the masses "run less" and enterprises "load lightly into battle". 
  City leaders Song Xiaobo, Yu Wenhua, Zeng Weixin, Tang Lei, Shi Wei, Zhang Shun, Xu Xincheng and Hu Junbo, the member of the Party group of the Municipal Government and Director of the Office of the Municipal Government, attended the meeting. Yan Qifang, Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Standing Vice Mayor, presided over the meeting. 
  At the meeting, the leading departments, responsible departments and working groups respectively reported on the specific work plan of the "Hundred Days' Hard Work" operation. The leaders in charge put forward requirements for the special work that they are responsible for according to their work objectives.
  Yu Ke pointed out that this conference is not only a work promotion meeting, but also a responsibility implementation meeting. The main task is to re-mobilize and redeploy the offensive action, refine and re-implement the offensive plan, further clarify the road map, timetable and responsibility chain, and ensure that the core indicators make progress, breakthroughs and results within 100 days.
  Yu Ke emphasized that we should firmly establish an idea. Business environment is related to the overall situation of Xiantao's economic development. We must firmly establish the concept of "business environment is the first guarantee". We should take optimizing business environment as an important measure to achieve high-quality development of Xiantao. We should fully implement the decision-making, deployment and working requirements of the central government, provinces and municipalities on optimizing business environment, and effectively strengthen the work. With a sense of responsibility and urgency, we will make every effort to solve the problems and ensure that our business environment enters the first front of the province. In order to overcome a number of difficult problems, the leading and responsible departments should focus on the core indicators and find gaps in solving the problems of enterprise start-up, real estate registration, industrial investment project approval, engineering construction project approval, access to electricity, electricity and water, etc. in accordance with the action plan for tackling key problems and specific work plans. We should focus on rectification and reform, smooth policy landing, and serve the people "the last mile". First-class standards should be set. With higher standards, stricter requirements and greater efforts, various departments should concentrate on launching a number of pragmatic and effective reform initiatives, elaborate the formulation of service guidelines, further optimize the approval process, streamline declaration materials, compress the approval time limit, and achieve standardization of matters, standardization of approval and refinement of services. A set of mechanisms should be formed. We must improve the promotion mechanism, refine the plan, decompose tasks, take responsibility for people, implement one by one, and carry out systematically; we must improve the coordination mechanism, strengthen overall coordination, promote department linkage, and form work synergy; we must improve the supervision mechanism, strengthen supervision and assessment, strictly implement weekly meetings supervision, semi-monthly special reports, monthly inspection notification system, and strengthen the application of assessment results. If the implementation of the work is not timely or in place, the appointment should be made, the announcement should be made, and the accountability should be held, so as to force the implementation of the responsibility and work. (Reporter Li Bing and photographer Sheng Huihui) 

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