The Municipal Committee Held a Symposium to Seek the High-quality Development of Xiantao

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  From July 18th to 19th, Hu Jiuming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, made a special investigation on the strategic planning work of "building the province's characteristic development growth pole and demonstration area for the revitalization and development of the Jianghan Plain", and had discussions with the principal leaders of relevant municipal units to seek high-quality development of Xiantao. Hu emphasized that we should follow the new requirements for new strategic deployment of Central and Provincial Committees, base our efforts on the reality of Xiantao, enlarge our own advantages, adjust and optimize our development ideas and strategic arrangements, detail our objective paths and work measures, take the actual actions of itemization, inventory and responsibility, make every effort to build the characteristic development and growth pole of the whole province, and strive to build a demonstration area for the revitalization and development of the Jianghan Plain.
  At the meeting, the main responsible persons of departments directly under the city government spoke enthusiastically. They expressed their opinions and offered suggestions around "building the province's characteristic development growth pole and a demonstration area for the revitalization and development of the Jianghan Plain". Everyone agreed that the strategic arrangements for building a growth pole and demonstration zone has implemented the the spirit of the Central Committee and the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee, which had clear guiding ideology, clear development orientation and was in line with the reality of Xiantao. According to the actual work of their departments, the participants also put forward specific opinions and suggestions on the orientation of thinking and measures for the construction of the revitalization and development demonstration zone of the Jianghan Plain.
  Hu Jiuming pointed out that building the province's characteristic development growth pole and a demonstration area for the revitalization and development of the Jianghan Plain is the need to solve the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development, the need to implement the new requirements for high-quality development and the need to achieve a new leap forward in the national top 100 and to improve the quality and efficiency of county economic leaders in the province. We should take the initiative to match the spirit of relevant policies and documents of the central government, deeply connect the regional and industrial development strategy of "one-core drive, Two-Belt support and three-zone coordination" of the whole province, find a correct orientation, clear direction, grasp the key points in promoting the realization of high-quality development, make concerted efforts, do solid work and strive to build Xiantao into provincial green development demonstration area, urbanization and urban-rural integration construction demonstration area and rural revitalization demonstration area.
  Hu emphasized that all departments at all levels should stand on the overall position and serve the overall situation, find a correct position in the strategic arrangement of the Municipal Committee, enlarge the advantages in regional development competition, take base construction as the starting point to expand and strengthen characteristic industries and support the development of demonstration zones with high-quality development of industrial economy. We should strive to build industrial transfer bases in the central and Eastern regions, especially in Wuhan, build the largest high-end nonwoven production base in the world, build the Chinese food industry base, build the machinery and auto parts production base and build the strategic emerging industrial development base. We should create a national integration development base for primary, secondary and tertiary industries. We should build the modern agricultural product processing base, the modern logistics base of the Jianghan Plain and the export-oriented economic development base in the Jianghan Plain, consolidate and upgrade the grain production base and create Maozui garment processing base to carry out the work responsibilities with measures of itemization, inventory, responsibility and concretion to promote the overall revitalization of Xiantao in whole region.
  City leaders Yan Qifang , Yu Wenhua, Yin Jiali, Zheng Zhangjun and Li Shaoyun attended the meeting. (Reporter Chen Li and photographer Hu Xiaowen) 

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