Our City held the Second All-media Inquiry on Politics in 2018

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  On the morning of December 20th, our city held the second all-media political inquiry in 2018. With the theme of "continuously deepening the style construction and accelerating the integration of urban and rural development", we invited the "top leaders" of the six departments directly under the municipal government to appear in front of the stage to be questioned by the public and respond to the concerns of the masses.
  Hu Jiuming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, showed up in the program and commented on the process of questioning politics. Chen he, Professor of Public Administration of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, was invited to participate in the program.
  Wang Jun'e, Zhou Yiqun, Song Xiaobo, Yan Qifang, Guo Shengyuan, Yin jiali, Zheng Zhangjun and Baichao, “four masters” leaders of the city, were also present.
  Does"go though the motions" exist in rural highway quality supervision? Why the market for pesticides is mixed and chaotic? How does the responsibility of safety supervision implement in the latent crisis of dangerous chemicals industry? What are the reasons for the repeated prohibition of illegal electric fishing? Who will manage the phenomenon of casual charges in private kindergartens? Why are the gates of public cultural service places closed and virtually empty? At the scene of political inquiry, the six secret interviews directly pointed to the painful points and difficult problems in the fields of transportation, agriculture, safety supervision, aquatic products, prices, culture and so on, described the formalism and bureaucracy of public officials precisely and exposed difficulties of the style, thought and ability of the cadres involved. The host and the representative of the public asked "spicy" questions on the spot, the cadres were asked to review the problems on the spot and gave the rectification measures and time limits. The special guests commented bitterly, and the audience scored the results of the political questions on the spot.The whole process of political questioning was broadcast live through TV and Internet synchronously. The atmosphere inside the venue was warm and the response was strong outside. 
  In his comments, Hu Jiuming pointed out that all-media inquiry on politics is an effective measure to promote the construction of style. We should discover problems, reflect on them, deal with them and solve them through programs of inquiry on politics so as to respond to the concerns of the people by rectifying and implementing the results and continuously deepen the construction of style of work.
  Hu emphasized that cadre style is an important business environment. To create a good business environment, we must ensure that the market is fair, the government is efficient, the society is stable, the rule of law is improved and the media is complete so that the masses can enjoy safe and comfortable work and life. The majority of Party members and cadres should resolutely resist formalism and bureaucracy, put an end to inaction, slow action, false action and disorderly action, refrain from misleading or tortuous behavior on the part of the masses so as to establish a good image of departments and individuals. We should respond to the demands of the masses with sincere and genuine measures. For the actual needs of the masses of basic necessities, education and medical insurance, we must not respond with big words, empty words, platitudes, falsehoods nor empty tactics of "playing chess" and "playing Tai Chi". We should carry forward the spirit of "nails" to solve the most concerned, direct and realistic interests of the masses, and implement the work to the last centimeter. It is necessary to use accountability to tighten up cadre style of work, force them to act, and make normal political inquiry an effective form of democratic supervision.
  Through live TV broadcasting, Hu showed the determination of the Municipal Committee to the people of the whole city. The problems exposed in the all-media inquiry on politics should be rectified according to the requirements of "four uniform". Special classes should be set up to verify and deal with them quickly, and the results of the treatment and rectification should be announced to the society in time. We should fight with formalism and bureaucracy with a clear banner and firm attitude. We should make consistent and continuous efforts to build a strong socialist modern city in an all-round way and make due contributions to the construction of a high-quality watery countryside and idyllic city. (reporter Hu Liang, photographer  Hu Xiaowen and Chen Li ) 

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