The 23rd Executive Meeting of the Municipal Government in 2018 Was Held

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  On December 17th, Yuke, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor, chaired the 23rd executive meeting of the municipal government in 2018 to review the Agreement on Investment in Small Town Project with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) , listen to the report on the application to straighten out the attribution relationship between administrative divisions of Gao Feng Village, hear reports on the division of "three districts" of aquaculture in Xiantao City and review the Interim Measures for the Management of Electric Vehicles in Xiantao City.

  When reviewing the Investment Agreement on the Small Town Project with Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Yu Ke pointed out that the UAV industry is a new high-tech industry and one of the key industries supported by the state and has a good prospect for development. The implementation of the UAV characteristic small town project will certainly promote the high-quality development of our city. Each department should unify the thinking, raise awareness and do the best to support the implementation of projects. We should make scientific decisions, administer according to law, draw up plans and implement them step by step. We should strengthen leadership, set up special classes, strengthen cooperation and promote project construction actively.

  When talking about straightening out the attribution relationship of administrative divisions of Gaofeng Village, Yu Ke pointed out that solving the problem of administrative ownership of Gaofeng Village is conducive to ensuring the vital interests of villagers and ensuring social harmony and stability. Relevant local authorities and departments should do well in publicity and guidance, publicize policies with heart and soul, and strive to create a good atmosphere. We should do a good job in handing over jurisdiction to integrate gradually and ensure the safe. We should serve the people actively, declaring what should be declared and strive for what should be for the involved policy of benefiting the people so that the people can get benefits and ensure social stability.

  On the division of "three districts" of aquaculture in Xiantao City, Yu Ke stressed that it is very important to rationally delimit the aquaculture prohibited districts, restricted districts and aquaculture districts to coordinate the ecological environment protection and accelerate the development of fishery production.As for the delimitation of the "three districts", all localities should follow the policy, seek truth from facts, delimit them scientifically and manage strictly to ensure that aquaculture and ecological protection move forward simultaneously.

  While reviewing the Interim Measures for the Management of Electric Vehicles in Xiantao City, Yu Ke stressed that strengthening the management of electric vehicles is not only the need to improve traffic order, but also the need to create a civilized city. All localities and departments should strengthen leadership, organize carefully and carry out special rectification actions according to the plans. We should strengthen propaganda, increase guidance, innovate ways, create an atmosphere and win the support of the masses. We should strengthen supervision, standardize implementation,  inspect strictly in production , sales, use and other process, and intensify the crackdown. In order to prevent "punishment instead of management", relevant departments must strengthen comprehensive management in accordance with the regulations, deal with it scientifically and reasonably and could not settle with fines.

  City leaders Yan Qifang, Yu Wenhua, Zeng Weixin, Tang Lei and Wang Zhiheng, Chen Huajun, member of the Party Group of the Municipal Government and Chairman of the Municipal Finance Bureau, Hu Junbo, member of the Party Group of the Municipal Government and Director of the Municipal Government Office and Yangyong, Political Commissar of the Municipal People's Armed Forces Ministry, attended the meeting. (reporter Li Bing and photographer Wang Xuejun)

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