The State Council Inspection Unit Came to Xiantao to Supervise Anti-fraud and Pursuit Evasion Work

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  From November 8th to 9th, the office inspection unit of the Joint Inter-ministerial of the State Council on Combating and Governing New Types of Illegalities and Crimes in Telecommunication Network came to Xiantao to supervise the work of cracking down the crime of fraud in telecommunications networks in our city. Hu Jiuming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, accompanied the inspection and reported on the progress of related work in our city.

  The inspection team visited the city's special action headquarters for combating and curbing the crime of telecommunication network fraud, Bianhua Village of Chang Shangkou Town, the renovating key village and the anti-fraud education bases of Yang Xiandong School successively. They made a detailed understanding of the implementation of combating and curbing the crime of telecommunication network fraud in our city, combine with the relevant requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Ministry of Public Security to guide the sprint work of "cap removal" in our city and put forward pertinent opinions and suggestions.

  The inspection team believes that the Xiantao Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government have a high political standing, a firm attitude, a long-term view, solid and effective measures in the fight against electronic fraud and the results are obvious to all and the achievements are worthy of affirmation. In the next stage, Xiantao will continue to maintain the high-pressure situation of severely cracking down on telecom network fraud crimes, consolidate achievements, improve the mechanism, form a normal state, prevent rebound, and completely eradicate the survival soil of telecommunication fraud crime. We should take multiple measures at the same time, implement comprehensive policies, grasp the key points and highlight the key points. We should explore effective ways and measures to break the capital chain, recover stolen goods, handle losses and build a social integrity system so as to promote the in-depth transmission of wisdom and experience of Xiantao in the anti-fraud pursuit and escape work.

  Hu Jiuming pointed out that combating and governing the telecommunication network fraud is related to the image of Xiantao city, the good development environment, the vital interests of the masses and the long-term stability of society. He stressed that telecommunications network fraud must be "real" fight. We should be firm in our determination to crack down on crime with solid and hard working measures so that fraud can truly remove from Xiantao. Telecommunication network fraud must be fought severely. We should maintain the situation of outcrop hit, give full play to the power of fighting again according to law, form the momentum of everyone shouting and fighting and create a strong atmosphere in the whole society that dares not cheat, cannot cheat and does not want to cheat. Telecommunication network fraud must be "often" hit. We should adhere to the determination of "top leaders" to grasp personally and regularly.We must not change the orientation of the public security organs. We must not change the pattern of joint management in line with each other' s duties.We should guarantee supply in human, money and things to promote institutionalization, normalization and long-term effectiveness of anti-fraud and pursuit evasion actions.

  Guo Shengyuan, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, made a special report. Zheng Zhangjun, member of Municipal standing Committee and the Secretary-General of the Municipal Committee, and Wang Haijun, Vice Mayor, participated in the above activities. (reporter Chen Li)

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