The Conference of Attracting Investment and Promoting Project Construction in Whole City Was Held

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  On October 24th, Hu Jiuming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, stressed at the conference of attracting investment and promoting project construction in whole city that all departments should make every effort to attract investment and speed up the construction of projects in order to fight and win the fourth quarter with high-spirited attitude and pragmatic style to ensure the annual target tasks are over-fulfilled comprehensively.

  At the conference, 36 projects with a total investment of over 10 billion yuan were centrally signed. The conference informed the construction of investment projects in the city and the introduction and cultivation of new agricultural operators.

  In his speech, Hu Jiuming pointed out that in order to promote high-quality development, attracting investment is just like the headline in the front page and project construction is the most important. As the end of 2018 is approaching, each department should check problems, look for shortcomings, add pressure and strengthen measures according to the completion of the annual target tasks, implement respective responsibilities in detail with practical actions in order to  ensure that the annual target tasks are completed as scheduled and the work of the whole year is successfully completed.

  Hu emphasized that to win the fourth quarter and keep the sprint for the whole year, we must achieve "everything in the bag". We should take overall thinking to pay attention to it. We should always keep in mind that investment is the driving force for economic growth, projects are the anchor for economic downturn, large enterprises are the four beams and eight pillars for the prosperity of private economy, and that we should make every effort to expand investment, make concerted efforts to grasp projects and unswervingly implement the strategy of large enterprises. We need to take the sprint speed to tackle tough problems. We should work hard for a hundred days, ran out of the acceleration and "jump up and pick peaches" for the first place. We need to work hard and fast in a countdown manner, seek truth and pragmatism, make full efforts, achieve actual performance and effects. We must be smart enough to plan. "Brainstorming" strategy should be adopted to plan high-quality projects with pattern and traction around large platforms, large corridors, large industries, large ecology and large water conservancy;We need to "stand at the forefront", take the initiative to align major development strategies of the central and provincial governments, align national policy guidance and capital investment and strive to bring more projects into the national and provincial "cages". We need to be vigorous and resolute, be sensitive and knowledgeable, go into action without delay, improve the frequency of visit to province and  Beijing to expand the depth of cooperation between departments and cities. Flexible strategies should be adopted to attract investment. We should have the diligence of "bees" and take the initiative to go out to find information, explore doors and meet with merchants; we should have the perseverance of "leech", keep a close eye on the big and good projects and do everything possible to get the project settled ; we should have the wisdom of "spiders" and make good use of the bridge bond of the chamber of commerce association to weave the network of investment attraction, information network and contact network.We must take the real measures to cultivate. Through the introduction of the "Three Rural Projects", the policy is inclined to help and cooperate closely to bring in a number of new type of agricultural business entities with market competitiveness, brand influence, organizational attraction and people-rich driving force so as to better promote agricultural and rural economic development, agricultural efficiency and farmers' income. We must take out the best staff to guarantee them. Leaders should take the initiative to shoulder responsibility, take the lead in command and set an example; departments should take respective responsibilities, work together to overcome difficulties and cooperate with each other; each place should perform duty conscientiously and everything revolves around and serves the project. We need to make a list of the problems to dispatch. It is necessary for senior staff to conduct high-frequency dispatch, master timing scheduling of nodes, focus on accurate dispatch of key points, resolve and implement the reflected problems one by one, and boost project construction and enterprise development with quick completion. We need to provide efficient services. Firmly establish the concept that "the reasonable demand of enterprises is the pursuit of the government and the healthy growth of enterprises is the sustainable growth of Xiantao". We should build platforms, improve efficiency, optimize the environment and improve the mechanism so as to create a fair and just legal environment and a strong atmosphere of valuing enterprise and business. We should bring out the first-class style to implement it. We should take investment attraction and project construction as the testing ground of ability and promote the implementation of our work with the vigor of opening the road on every side of the mountain, the tenacity of dripping water through the rocks and the diligence of workaholic so as to accomplish the established tasks with quality and quantity. We must take strict measures to accountability. We should optimize the mechanism, refine the means, strengthen supervision and accountability, seize what is not being done, investigate those who fail to implement and effectively force the implementation of the goal through supervision and accountability.

  Hu emphasized that "the six stability" requirement for the Party Central Committee's economic work to stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign capital, investment and expectations should be firmly implemented. On this basis, we must combine Xiantao's actual situation with "three stability". We must stabilize the overall situation. We should keep the safety strings tight at all times, actively carry out three major actions of safety production inspection, visits and renovations, work hard to build three lines of defense for risk control, hidden hazard control and emergency rescue, so as to resolutely prevent all kinds of safety accidents. We must steadily lift people out of poverty. We should take the opportunity of the special tour of carrying out poverty alleviation work in Hubei province of the second inspection group of the central government, focus on "the four implementation", accelerate the rectification of problems, and ensure that the poverty alleviation work is practical, the process is solid and the results are real. We must stabilize the foundation. We should focus on the goal of perfect in grassroots Party construction and build a comprehensive and advanced combat fort. We should take the opportunity of the election of the village two committee to build a contingent of grassroots cadres with good quality, good reputation, strong ability and great potential.

  Yan Qifang, Member of Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Municipal Party Committee, chaired the meeting. City leaders Yu Wenhua, Zheng Zhangjun, Baichao, Ding Keqin, Xiao Jiabang, Li Shaoyun, Wang Yong, Wang Zhiheng, Zhang Shun, Zhang Deping and Guo Jinxiang attended the meeting and witnessed the signing of the project. (reporter Chen Li)

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