The Meeting of Responsibilities Transfer of Collecting Social Insurance and Non-tax Income in the City and Mobilization of Collecting Urban and Rural Residents Medical Insurance Was Held

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  On October 18th, The meeting of transferring responsibilities for collection and management of social insurance and non-tax income in whole city and mobilization work of collecting urban and rural residents medical insurance was held at the Municipal Finance Bureau. Yan Qifang, Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Chen Huajun, member of the Party Group of the Municipal Government and director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, chaired the meeting. Members of the 14th supervision group of the Provincial Taxation Bureau attended the meeting.

  Yan Qifang stressed that the transfer of social insurance and non-tax income collection and management responsibilities concerns the vital interests of the masses, involves a wide range with heavy tasks. All local departments should improve the political standing, do a good job in advancing the work, continue to cooperate actively and make overall arrangements to form a joint force of work; We should clarify the working objectives, ensure the steady progress of reform work, take the initiative to assume the main responsibility, innovate the working methods, and effectively improve the level of collection; We should consolidate the working responsibilities and make every effort to advance the reform work, make full preparations in the early stage and have seamlessly docking at work, study and solve the problems met in the progress of the work; We should strengthen organizational leadership to ensure the smooth completion of all tasks, establish leading group and cooperation mechanisms, emphasize discipline and clarify division of labor, and combine the actual work to ensure the successful completion of all tasks.

  The conference also conveyed the spirit of the central and provincial conferences and issued Work Plan for Collecting The Basic Medical Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents of Xiantao City in 2019 and Notice about the Adjustment of Medical Insurance Payment Standards for Urban and Rural Residents in 2019. Municipal Adiministration of Human Resources and Social Security, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Planning Bureau, Long Huashan Office, Chang Shangkou Town, Tong Haikou Town and Zhengchang Town made statements.  (Reporter Liu Xianshuang) 



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