Chairman of ECOTIC Liu Jungang Came to Xiantao to Discuss the Mianyang Town Project

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  On September 4th, Liu Jungang,the Chairman, Party Secretary and General Manager of Hubei Cultural &Tourism Investment Group Co. LTD (called ECOTIC), came to Xiantao to supervise the Mianyang Town project. The secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hu Jiuming and the Mayor Zhou Wenxia accompanied and worked together with the executives of ECOTIC on site on issues related to the construction of the project. The two sides reached a consensus in the negotiations that they would speed up the development of the Mianyang Town project, build a demonstration of rural revitalization together and create a model of win-win cooperation between government and enterprises. 


  Zhou Yiqun, City Committee Chairman, presided over the on-site office meeting. The city leaders Zheng Zhangjun and Wang Yong also participated in the above activities.

  As one of the key cultural tourism projects in the province of ECOTIC, Mianyang Town is planning to invest 10 billion yuan.Relying on the strong features of the water town of a-hundred-mile PaiHu, the project plans to cover an area of 10,000 mu and is positioned as a new cultural tourism town integrating tourism facilities and services, which is a key tourism project of our city during the 13th five-year plan period. Among them, the initial investment is 1.8 billion yuan used to build a featured water town, covering about 1,500 mu, which was officially started in July 2017 and is expected to be completed in 2020.


  Liu Jungang, Hu Jiuming and their group visited Xiantao Planning Hall, inspected the site of the construction of the project in Mianyang Town, got a detailed understanding of the project progress & plan development and coordinated on-site to solve the practical problems in the construction of the project.

  Liu Jungang said thanks to the overall efforts of the service of Xiantao municipal government and related departments, the progress of project of Mianyang Town has been orderly and smooth since started. At present, the construction of the project has reached expectations and the investment situation is good, which makes them full of confidence in the future of Mianyang Town and also more firmly determined to deepen cooperation with Xiantao to win together. He said ECOTIC will take Mianyang Town as its number one and brand project, giving priority to investment in people, money and goods to ensure supply. They are willing to work with Xiantao to seize the good opportunities for rural revitalization, focusing on four aspects, including higher target location, faster pace of construction, more accurate industrial investment and more comprehensive supporting facilities, to build the Mianyang Town as a demonstration area for rural revitalization in the whole province and even in the whole country.



  Hu Jiuming said, Mianyang Town is an individual tourism project with the largest scale of land use, largest investment budget and the highest public attention in history of Xiantao. In the whole process of project planning construction and implementation, it is necessary to establish systematic thinking to consider Mianyang Town in the context of rural rejuvenation, to think about it on the basis of the standards of urban-rural integration and the demonstration area of production-city integration. It is necessary to set up historical thinking to strive to create works lasting for a hundred years and build excellent projects which can stand the test of history and people. It is necessary to set up economic thinking to consider the interests of society, economy and people's livelihood in a comprehensive way and make overall plans. He said, today's Mianyang Town holds the good timing of booming tourism industry, geographical convenience of a-hundred-mile PaiHu and good human relations of government and enterprise cooperation. He hoped both sides will seize the opportunities to conform to the trend in the follow-up cooperation, further increase the investment intensity of the Mianyang Town project, speed up the construction progress, strengthen investment, expand publicity and strengthen coordination to transform the superposition advantage of the cooperation between government and enterprise into the substantial results of the project construction. (Reporter Chenli)

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