Zhou Wenxia Investigated some Export Enterprises

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  Yesterday morning , Mayor Zhou Wenxia led the relevant municipal departments to investigate some export enterprises in Xiantao industrial park and Pengchang town to see the production and operation of the enterprise and solve specific difficulties and problems on site. Zhou Wenxia stressed that we should further strengthen confidence, strive for success, open wider to the outside unswervingly,  make every effort to fight against the water to sail and adopt Seeking Improvement in Stability to deal with the Changes in Stability to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the city's economy and society. 
  The production and sales of Tripod Technology Corporation are booming and various electronic circuit boards are exported to Europe and other places. From January to July, its sales revenue reached more than 1.1 billion yuan, increased by 56% than the same period of last year. Zhou wenxia encouraged Tripod Technology Corporation not only to give full play to its advantages to explore new markets and open up new space, but also to seize every minute to grasp the construction of Phase II project, enter Xiantao bonded logistics center first, accelerate the export of products, reduce the comprehensive cost, increase the profit space and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.
  Friction One Automotive Technology (Xiantao) Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of R& D premium brake pads, the products of which are mainly exported to America, Europe, South America and some countries & regions of Middle East. In the first half of this year, its sales revenue reached 150 million yuan, increased by 70% than the same period of last year. During the talk with the person in charge of the enterprise, Zhou wenxia hoped that they would pay more attention to technological innovation, intellectualization of equipment, market diversification and improvement of soft environment so as to gather forces from all sides to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.
  Lixin Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has firmly grasped the discourse power of the international market. In the first half of the year, its export earned $55 million, an increase of 28% over the same period of the year, and its tax paid up to 30 million yuan, an increase of 22%. Zhou Wenxia said that we can always feel a bold and vigorous spirit of Lixin during each visit. Li Xin is fully deserved the leading company and Fu Lixin, the originator of Xiantao non-woven industry, is more trustworthy and respected. The new practice of Lixin shows that facing challenges depends on willpower and strength. We sincerely hope that Lixin Company will seize the opportunity in the changing situation, cope with the challenges freely, further play the leading role, and further promote the healthy development of non-woven industry. The government will give full support to enterprises to improve the living conditions of workers, speed up the pace of machine replacement and create a new engine for high-quality development.
  In Qingsong Plastic Products Co., LTD., Zhou wenxia visited the products and discussed with the business leaders about the next step of the business strategy, encouraging them to firm confidence, work hard, reduce cost while increase efficiency and climb over the ridge.
  During the investigation, Zhou wenxia held a discussion with some responsible person of the town, industrial park and enterprise. After listening carefully to everyone's speech, she pointed out that the city's economy and society has maintained a good momentum of development since this year. At present, the economy is changing steadily. During facing new situations and problems, we should deeply understand and accurately grasp the situation. Under the strong leadership of the central and provincial governments, we must establish bottom line thinking, maintain strategic strength, make steady progress and earnestly achieve stable foreign investment, foreign trade and stable expectations. We must persist in the first driving force of innovation, promote the industry to the high end of the value chain and enhance the market competitiveness. We must persist in internal tapping the potential, speed up technological transformation and constantly reduce production costs. We must persist in walking on two legs, expand diversified markets and enhance market vitality.
  Hu Junbo, member of the Party Group of Municipal Government and director of Municipal Government office, also joined the investigation. (Reporter ChenGuoli) 

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