Hu Jiuming Investigated and Researched on the Travel Channel Construction of Pai Hu Scenic

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  On the morning of Aug 15th, Hu Jiuming, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, stressed in his research on the construction of the travel channel of the Pai Hu Scenic that it should be based on the current situation and take a long-term view, make scientific planning and rational layout, further optimize the road network structure, improve the road grade and build a convenient travel channel to connect the whole area of Pai Hu and thus to write a new chapter in the whole tourism development of Xiantao.
  Hu Jiuming led the relevant departments to make field reconnaissance on the intersection road of West Extension Project of Mianhong North Road and Mianzhou Avenue, the junction of the west extension of Mianzhou Avenue and the Wuyuetai Avenue and the intersection of Huguo Highway and Xiangyang River. They also learned more about the planning, design , construction progress and existing problems of the key transportation projects of the channel in the Pai Hu Surrounded Area. And then a discussion were held to listen to the report of the key person in charge of the Paihu Scenic , the Municipal Investment Corporation and the Municipal Transportation Bureau as well as the speech of the relevant departments.
  Hu Jiuming pointed out that tourism is a sunrise industry with unlimited potential, a green industry with low carbon cycle, and a gold industry which could enrich people and strong city. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have been always regarding the construction of the Pai Hu Scenic as the leading project and key project to guide the development of Xiantao's tourism. Currently, as the tourism projects , such as Mianyang Town, Huaxia Atlantis Sea Park, Mitang Fishing Village, Dragon Boat Park and so on, built increasingly, the development of Xiantao tourism has opened a new chapter while it is also facing severe challenges . The problems of poor traffic connection, low road standards and incomplete supporting facilities in Pai Hu Surrounded Area are urgently needed to solve. The township office and relevant departments of the Pai Hu Surrounded Area should raise awareness, plan and fill shortcomings, further improve the road transportation infrastructure and strive to improve the comprehensive service capacity of the scenic spot so that the development of the tourism industry in Pai Hu Surrounded Area and the rural revitalization can promote and complement each other.
  Hu Jiuming emphasized that smooth roads lead to prosperity and the road network is very important to the tourism industry. We must adhere to high standards and high starting points to study conscientiously and absorb the advanced experience of other places, plan and design the construction of the tourism channel of the Pai Hu Surrounded Area with a longer-term vision. It is necessary to adjust measures to local conditions and scene, coordinate the traffic road network planning, township overall planning, and rural revitalization industrial development plan of Pai Hu Surrounded Area,
simultaneously promote the construction of tourism channel and upgrade rural roads to ensure smooth integration of internal and external routes, convenient cycle of towns and villages and serving industry development, which allows visitors to come in, stop, spread and go out easily. We need to strengthen dispatching, speed up the progress to let the planning can be implemented early to make the tourist road and landscape road become the road of development and enriching people as soon as possible.
  Zheng Zhangjun, member of the Standing Committee and secretary-general of the Municipal Party Committee, researched together and chaired the forum. Deputy Mayor Tang Lei studied together. (Reporter Yin Liqun)

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