Hu Jiuming researched the work of Financial risk prevention and control

Updated:  2018-03-16 [Print]    [Close]

  On the morning of March 15th,Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hu Yuming researched the work of Financial risk prevention and control,he stressed that the party's central government had listed major risks of prevention and resolution as "the three major tough fights,"focusing on the Financial risk prevention and control. We must strengthen the “four consciousnesses”,strictly control new risks, actively absorb stock risks,dispose of hidden risks in accordance with the law and earnestly strengthen the economic capabilities of financial services,regard the development of the real economy as the best way to resolve risks,promote the economic of Xiantao Benign development.
  Municipal Party Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor Yan Qifang attended the meeting. Deputy Mayor Wang Yong presided over the meeting.(from:Xiantao Daily)

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