Traffic accident

  1.  A driver involved in a traffic accident should stop the vehicle immediately and protect the accident scene.
  2.  If any personal injury is caused to another person, the driver must immediately try to rescue the wounded and report the accident to a traffic police officer or the vehicle administration office as soon as possible. Any change of the scene by attempt to rescue the injured must be clearly marked.
  3.  In the event of an accident with no personal injury, provided that there is no dispute about the details and liability and that the vehicles can be moved, both parties shall take photos of the scene or mark the location of the accident, and then move the vehicles to a place where they will not block the traffic and negotiate compensation on their own afterwards. For vehicle-damaged accident, the two parties can record each other’s contact number and go to the insurance claim service center within 24 hours for compensation. If both parties do not want to leave the scene, they must immediately report the accident to a traffic police officer and/or the vehicle administration office.

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