Construction Project in Harbor Industrial Zone of Xiantao

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Project Background:
Xiantao is located in the hinterland of the Jianghan Plain, although close to Wuhan,but as previously only by a Expressway of Han Yi and 318 National Road is connected to Wuhan, Jingzhou, Yichang,the transport network is unsound which is greatly restricted the economic and social development of Xiantao.In recent years,
 with the high-speed rail passenger station of HanYi,  HanXian intercity railway , Chang Jing Railway Freight Station,  Expressway of Wuhan city circle Outer Ring , Han jiang River port cargo, Co-generation and a number of major infrastructure projects
have been approved ,which provides the development of economy and society of Xiantao with a golden opportunity.

Construction content and scale:
Focus on strengthening the "one ring four areas" ring is south road and
east road of Xiantao city.Four areas is Modern logistics park, advanced manufacturing area, business service park, urban and rural integration demonstration area.

ways of cooperation:
Sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation

Contact information:
contact unit:Xiantao Investment Promotion Bureau
contact people:Yu lian Li
contact number:0728-3315128

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